My son and daughter have so much fun learning and singing along with these videos! It’s very cool to have my 4 year old daughter explaining things to me that I didn’t know!
— Laura
One thing I miss about teaching little kids is working unit plans around your songs!!!! Planets, fruits and veggies, continents. You name it I’ve taught it because they learned!! You rock!!
— Regina
My psychology teacher played this in class and my entire class has had it stuck in our heads for the past two weeks.
— Ameila
My girls are only 7 and 9 and they enjoy this song plus they learn at the same time.
— Lizette
Are you an engineer of scientist? One thing that is consistently blowing me away is how skillfully you are weaving highly technical language into the lyrics and flow. The nebula song is just preposterously good musically, scientifically, in conveying the ideas lyrically and graphically. I’m sure this takes a ridiculous amount of time...your impact is going to be a lot larger than anyone can predict or track. At least thousands more kids will be more educated, more inspired, more entertained...Heck you inspire a lot of adults too, like me. I forgot how cool space is. I downloaded an app to find objects in the sky, I’m looking into telescopes and observatories for my girls as they age, and I’m thinking about applying for jobs for JPL (NASA). None of this would have happened if I hadn’t seen your videos. The quality of your material is unreal, which makes the quantity all the more staggering.
— Chris, Patreon Member
My 6 year old son looks forward to Fridays to see a new video. Thank you for creating this channel! He’s just about memorized every song.
— Justin
My 3 (almost 4) year old son LOVES your videos. He watches the countries almost every day, and now he’s getting into the periodic table. Thank you so much for making them!!
— Catie
I thank you so much for making this beautiful song about my country. My students will love it! A hundred times, thank you.
— Elisa, Teacher from Chile
My kid absolutely loves your videos, as do his parents :) I wanted to pledge to say thanks for putting out such catchy songs for him to learn from. Thanks to your collection of videos he’s somehow managed to become a human atlas at the age of’s insane!...As a content creator myself I completely know what it’s like to be a one man show and how any little bit helps so I want to give for as long as this kid benefits from your channel! Thanks for all the work you’ve done and all the things you’ve taught my son.
— Mike, Patreon Member